Saturday, September 23, 2006

Call she now!

So everyone's favourite sham Jamaican psychic is gay. In The Advocate, Miss Cleo reveals that she was inspired to come out because of a gay, teenage family member:

- "He and I started talking when he was concerned about coming out. He was 16. When he made the decision I told him I'd be there 100%, and he embraced [coming out] whole-heartedly. It's a different vibe than when I was his age, being raised Catholic in an all-girls boarding school. But he was afraid of nothing and I thought, 'I can't be a hypocrite. This boy is going to force me to put my money where my mouth is.'"

On why she decided to stay in the closet until now, when she's in her 40s:

- "The reason it's scary is because in my personal experience, black cultures throughout the world have a more difficult time accepting homosexuality in their family. I have family members who will be shocked; they don't know. I have some family members who are very close to me, and they know. But I've been afraid of the wrath, of the exile. When I came out to a number of friends in the late '80s, I had a number of friends who turned their backs on me and walked away That was really intense. I really believed they were my friends."

Though she's been in two serious, long-term relationships, Miss Cleo is currently single. And she's looking for love.

Any takers? You'll get free palm reading and seances.


Island Spice said...

I thought Miss Cleo was killed a few years ago?? *perplex*
Top O' tha morning to allyuh. I think I figure out this beta thing yes. ;)
*dance like a mannequin ...*

Hottie Hottie said...

Congrats on the Beta. Girl, I eh know what to tell yuh bout Cleo nah.

Prettidolli said...

Top O' Tha Marnin Allyuh Oui!

Steupsssssssss. Dis blasted ooman? ANYTHING to extend she lil' 15 minutes boi. She's too too desperate I tell yuh!

Hottie Hottie said...

Dolli, yuh know how long me eh see er, read yuh. How yuh going dahling?!

Prettidolli said...

Dolli, yuh know how long me eh see er, read yuh.

LOL..........Blog does real make yuh feel like yuh know folks eh? I dey good. I want those "F.Delicto" pics! Is whey I can get them? LOLOL!

Hottie Hottie said...

Girl! Like we used to pitch marble! Wais yuh email address lemme send yuh de scandal

kevian said...