Monday, September 04, 2006

Centipedes and new beginnings

Dahlings! I am SO sorry about this weekend. Would you believe the net was down all weekend? You won't believe? Well alright. It wasn't down ALL weekend. I really had to clean my flat on Saturday after I got back home. Months of nonstop shoe purchasing (the centipede syndrome) and summer sales had left my bedroom looking like, well, the way it usually looks. And then Sunday I went with a friend to catch his train to Leeds where he's off to start school. GOOD LUCK TOE KNEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And THEN, when I got back home, the net was down so I didn't lie. Much.

So what have you been up to? Me, I'm still struggling with the carnival conundrum. I eh really feeling the social vibes coming out of some of these mas camps. I really cannot handle the 'accent in a can' crowd that you does find at some of these events. I mean, really, come Ash Wednesday none of us boarding our private yachts to go sailing to the Riviera to be personally taken care of by a butler named Jeeves. Will that be one scone or two, m’lady? We’re all going back to some stinking ass job we’re doing just because we need the money. Like I really have to start that band boy.

Oye! We actually had a pretty decent day up in jolly old England yesterday. Doh mind yuh girl was well decked off in sweater and jeans. Was damn vex too! I missed a perfectly good opportunity – perhaps the last one for the year – to put on a piece a short pants and a small top and parade my goodies through the streets.

P.S. Good luck to Jo, my carnival 2007 partner in training who starts UWI today. Wear a tight pants and a vest for me – remember, I have a reputation to maintain!


Prettidolli said...

LORD, gyul please don't talk about centipede syndrome when allyuh in London does have some of the wickedest footwear in all of mankind SELF.



Hottie Hottie said...

Why you think I have no room in my flat now?!