Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A hermit in the making

I believe I need to make good my promise to myself to move back home and live deep in the bushes in the Northern Range. I’m really starting to resent the inherent loathsomeness that one finds when surrounded by crowds of people. It’s fine for Carnival and (most) parties, probably because you know you’re going into a jam session and you’re prepared for that. Also because everyone in those situations makes sure they look and smell good and conform to the type of behaviour that’s acceptable in those circumstances – even if, in the case of Carnival, it’s no behaviour at all.

But, for the love of GOD, it’s the every day, day to day social interactions that I can’t stand. The awful frumpiness of people – a unwashed braids releasing a miasma of funk in the humid bus, the invasion of personal space by the woman elbowing you in the stomach as she digs in her handbag, the reek of armpits and unwashed crotches that are inches away from your face if you are ‘lucky’ enough to get a seat and ‘unlucky’ enough to have the offending body stand directly in front of you.

Let’s not forget the phone conversations that last the duration of your trip where you emerge knowing the intimate details of the talker’s life and just how difficult their infection is proving to get rid of. And I shall not forget the young rebel without a pause who plays his insipid pop/angst ridden rock so loud that you can make out everything the singer says, even though you’re on the other end of the carriage.

Then, there’s the lighting up of the cigarette while the train is still coming to a halt or, worse yet, the man who sits next to you smelling like he fell asleep curled up in an ashtray and took a bath in beer and piss.

Whatever happened to respect for personal space? Even if you don’t respect yours, please, respect mine! And while I’m at it, whatever happened to things like courtesy, consideration, manners and daily showers?! Sometimes I feel like I am part of an endangered species, tottering on the edge of extinction. Sigh. Anyway, enough ranting for one day. Later on I will give you guys the drama of me and NTL (internet service provider). Have a good day my lovies and remember, the goddess loves you!


Mani said...

And you know what the scary thing about this is? England is a first world country. Yet the expect this only from third worlds like us.

Hottie Hottie said...

Boy, one thing I realise since living up here - there is no such thing as first and third world nah. They just invent that to make us feel we're being kept out of some exclusive club that we should try to attain but will never gain entry to