Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The REAL Band of the Year!

So, the excitement start. Last night I did 100 sit ups (belly trembling all now), some tricep curls, some bicep curls and some push ups. Needless to say, I woke up this morning feeling like somebody beat me with a big stick. But, allyuh know the saying – DAI EH NUTTIN! The reason why I’m exercising at home and not in the gym is because I’m saving ALL my money and SHUTTING down all spending until I have paid for my costume. So if you see yuh girl last night doing squats with two cup a spare change in each hand. Allyuh could laugh how much allyuh want but anybody who ever hold £40 in 5 and 10 pence pieces know them cup and dem eh light! Dey doh call it pound for nuttin yuh know!

In other news, allyuh see Saddam send meh a special invitation to join he band? I had arready write them off yuh know, because they was taking so long to organize they business and yuh know where Saddam concerned yuh does only have rumour and speculation and no solid information coming out he camp. Plus, I eh know if I able with all that Sahara dust… But the man say I in he band! And I not chupid – I not going and turn down Saddam and next thing you know some Raider find me half dead, lying down in the Sacred Sand among the Cacti because Saddam vex I didn’t want to be one of his Nubians. Allyuh see how hard it is being a Goddess?

Anyway, I see Cheeky Meg still putting others to shame and has her site up and running. Congrats Pulse 8 – the site is lovely. It’s a very good idea (see the link on the side) and is very much in keeping with the theme. It’s a simple theme but that’s best considering it’s a new band. That’s the way you do it – start off simple and with what you know you can handle, taking on bigger challenges and responsibilities when you know you are ready. So even though they haven’t responded to my email as yet (yes, I still going on about that damn email!) they still get a 9 out of ten in my books.

And kudos must go to Tribe who’ve given us a chart showing how to measure ourselves properly for our costume. THANK GOD! FINALLY! As someone who has spent years trying on bras over my top in front of the assistants – or scrambling in the changing room trying on size after size because it changes every year even if it’s the same band mind you – I have to say, ALLYUH COME GOOD! Now, in the privacy of my own home and with the company of my measuring tape, I will be doing the needful. For this, I give Tribe brownie points.

I guess now will be a good time to announce that I am running a competition. Best Customer Minded Band for 2007. They get points for things like proper dissemination of information, good fitting costumes, designs etc. The front runners so far are Harts, Tribe and Pulse 8. I think. So allyuh, send in allyuh votes nah! And let meh know about allyuh experiences and ting. So hold it down. If yuh kyah hold it down, well, let the damn thing go!


Shandy said...

Hottie, yuh kiling me with this Saddam yuh know. LOL I am aching too. I put my first school gym expeience in my blog. I am aching all now, and that's a damn good ting. I can't wait to show off my new bod in the Fireman costume...PURE FYAH!!!!! Look out allyuh!!!!

Hottie Hottie said...

Girl, Yuh mustn't laugh at Saddam. He does take heself real serious girl! I read about yuh gym experience. Pressuh! I have to print out meh costume and put it up by the desk in work, on t he fridge, in meh handbag, in the toilet, in meh bedroom... INSPIRATION IN YUH PWEFFEN!

Mani said...

lol, gyul well when Saddam talk, no damn dog bark.

Dem people dem give yuh back yuh internet yet?

Hottie Hottie said...

Steupssss... internet whey?! Dem acting like I getting that free. I trying a lil pull string something now to fix it - somebody who know somebody who know somebody in teh company. Like is really TSTT I dealing with.

Mani said...

And I sure yuh though yuh pull-string days done?