Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Looking rough J.Lo 2.0

She looks like she's gone from wearing rocks to getting hit with them. This is a sad day for superbitches. Make up tip Jenny- Blend, blend and blend again. Is it just me or does your hair look like you need to pass a "lil relaxer" in it? And why did you rub pink Cheers (Smarties/Skittles) all over your lips?

P.S. That foundation looking exactly like what I used to polish my school sneakers with back in primary school. YOU CAN DO BETTER JENNY!!!!!! Rise from the ashes! RISE! RISE!


Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

She getting horn or wha? How she looking so mash up? I must say I a little take aback, she was representing for the big botom gyuls

Hottie Hottie said...

Girl! I eh know if that man sapping she strength or what. She just boil down like bhaji.

Anonymous said...

Aye the woman is still 'Jenny from the block'. That video with Ben was a lie. Its only now she's truly looking the part.

Hottie Hottie said...

LOL @ ANON. Jenny from the ganja block.


crack is a funny thing yuh here!!
ask Witney

Prettidolli said...

From ah next site....LOL!

Classic sign that Bobby Brown is de hornerman. Can you say JCracklo.
I tell you that skinny ugly husband of hers really turning she into an old maid!!!
YOu notice how she always covered up now, overly dark hair, matronly makeup....she look like she gaw WORRIES!!!
i feel she hangin with MJ these days, she has a case of that iwanttobeawhitewoman.
Nah dog, even MJ wasnt looking like a crack whore.

ROFL..........Oh my Gawwwd nah!

Hottie Hottie said...

Which site is that dolli? And yes, all of a sudden she looking dry and covered up. Yuh know how much man I fall out with for that! Yuh meet meh hot, yuh want to change meh?!!! The best boyfriend I ever had used to watch meh before I leave and voice he opinion. Not as in telling meh what to do yuh know. But like,"Yes girl. Yuh come our fuh dem." Or "Nah doui, dem pants making yuh bamcee look flat. Why yuh put dem on girl?" I better lend him to JLo. She always well cover in truth, like she have eggszema.

Prettidolli said...

Gyul she sexy geh tief up like dem jailhouse lesbian. Doh leh dem tief up yuh sexy JLo...DOH LEH DEM!

But it gone it gone...It already shackle up and lock 'wey....:(

Hottie Hottie said...

Lewwe hope she find de key. Mustbe all dat bhaji she eating to get pregnant why she looking green so