Monday, October 02, 2006

Rio Manzanare, dejame pasar

Ah writing this post allyuh and I have TEARS in meh eyes. I listening to Singing Francine’s Ay Ay Maria and all meh pores raising. I LOVE Christmas and I usually start feeling the spirit from all August so. It was hard missing it last year – my first time – and I might have to miss it this year too. So it was a whole year without not only the food but the traditional music which is such an intrinsic part of not only the season but my childhood memories too. Just taking a moment out from this Carnival madness to recognise and appreciate this, another part of our culture that is just as rich and just as threatened by commercialism. Allyuh, lewwe remember what we have nah. What Destiny’s Child holiday remix of Santa Baby could touch Daisy Voisin’s Alegria?


Mani said...

Gyul, it have some songs American Christmas songs that will always get me eh...mostly those that I grew up with before I knew about Parang. But then again it have some parang that will give me this Christmas feeling and Daisy will always do it for me

Hottie Hottie said...

Yeah, ah know what yuh mean, like Nat King Cole and ting. I was talking mostly about them news ongs, the Britney Spears does Christmas and tingthat yuh know is just about spitting out a extra album to make some money and, not forgetting we locals boys, them jokey 'soca parang' that does just irritate everybody. I still feel a sense of shame over how much Daisy did for our music scene and how terrible her circumstances were when she died. Trinidad is a helluva place to be a hero yes.

Mani said...

Most times your not even a hero till you die, sadly.