Monday, November 13, 2006

Bloggers' T-shirt contest

Ok fellow bloggers and commentors. This is the official launch of the Bloggers' T-shirt contest. The idea is to come up with a slogan for a T-shirt that will be worn for our bloggers' lime. Now, yuh eh winning nuttin, but it will be fun.

My entry is: "I think, therefore I blog."

'rah's entry is: "Bloggers do it daily."

What's yours? You can enter as many times as you like and make it sweet. Have fun!


Mani said...

What bloggers lime that Hottie? Did I miss something? I'll come up with something though.

Hottie Hottie said...

We planning a blogger's lime sometime over the Carnival season. Where you does be so? I done planning the short pants I wearing to go hunting fuh wild meat and it turns out you eh even planning on showing up!!!!?

Hottie Hottie said...

"Bloggers love cunning linguists"

Get it? Cunning linguists? Cunnilingus?

Hottie Hottie said...

Doh really see de men rushing that one though!

Mani said...

lol, well me eh even know nothing about no I real out of it gyul?

Hottie Hottie said...

Well we eh organise it properly yet but we planning on meeting. Is an idea that we all agree on but eh finalise yet. So yuh still safe :)

saucydiva said...

I eh think of nuttin yet but as soon as I do I will hit yuh up!

Mani the lime in the early stages of planning so doh worry.

Hottie Hottie said...

"I'd rather be blogging"

"Bloggers do it with their clothes on"

"Bloggers do it for free"

Like is only me entering dis thing!? Well, me and 'rah.

buublenut said...

LOL hottie

I will come up with something - but for now I'm feeling the bloggers do it daily or maybe even Bloggers never stop!!

Will think :)

I like your I blig therefore I am as well.

BTW - liking your new pic :)

Hottie Hottie said...

Aye aye! Yuh know how LONG I eh see yuh Buubbles?! How are you? How the kickboxing?

Bagogyul said...

lol...i in dat!

i definitely want to be in the blog lime.

how about : "Blog or Die"


"Got Blog!"



CAN'T STOP THIS BLOG! (Saucy in mind ,last year)

Alexia said...

Caution: Bloggers on Patrol!

Nobody does it better than “D bloggers”

Don't get Mad, Get Blog!

Think yuh blog? Think again?
Yuh ain’t blog until yuh Saucy and Hottie blog!

Think yuh blog? Think again?
There only one, what yuh waiting for?
“D Bloggers” experience the Blog!

Front of T-shirt
Recipe for Blog
Throw in some Saucy
Mix with some hottie
Toss with daily bloggers
Serve hot...cause we bloggers finger lickin good!
Back of T-shirt
Experience the Blog!

Today’s Special
Hot Sauce Daily Bloggers!

Will come up with some more later

Hottie Hottie said...

Yes man! Allyuh cooking with gas! Ramco gas! Aye, dey still have Ramco?

buublenut said...

Hey hottie, things have been busy but everything cool. Boxing is alright, training hard and having fun doing it :)

You hear I reachign Trinidad girl :) 2 weeks today I will be liming on da beach :)

I am definetly in this lime, can't wait till you guys start planning. I am sure it will be a blast - but we all causing real trouble here....once we all meet up and Carnival done we will start on '08 - we all going to want to reach again and again and again lol

Icahwait* said...

Blog This ! (across the boobies)/ Blog this Be-atch!

CAUTION..Blog in Progress

I (heart) Blog

May the Blog be with you


Born to Blog

Blog Newbie

buublenut said...

LOL icahwait I swear I just come back on this page to write "what if we get bootie shorts and put "BLOGG THIS" on our backside" then I see your post :)

we on the same wave length here lol

let me go think some more now...

Blogging on da Brain

buublenut said...


buublenut said...


Karabana said...

Blog till I die!

Mani said...

I'm sorry, but I for one will refuse to wear bootie shorts.

buublenut said...

"friend tell a friend.....the bloggers will come back again"

caisoqueen said...

Here's my entry:

"Blog-a-holics Anonymous"


sweettrini said...

OK I going fuh de gold now :

Buh wha de bloggin @!!#$......

I'm so blog-a-licious!!!

I'm too sexy for my blog!!

Gimme two blog dey nuh, with plenty hottie and saucy eh!!

I is ah blooger, who is you?

We not giving up!! Bloggin' fuh life!


Bloggers of Trinidad, UNITE!!

Blog for all and all for blog!!

Dais all I have fuh now but ah go come with some more fuh all just now. Ah cork eh?? :)

Hottie, ah win or what??

kevian said...

all this drama happen between 4:15pm yesterday and 4:15 am today.. lawd..
This is my off meh head contribution

I got 99 problems but my blog aint one!

Bloggers inc.

Trust me, I'm a blogger

Doing it for the blog

Hottie Hottie said...

LOL! LOL! Dais why I love allyuh! Allyuh too sweet. I love Blog of the year, I love Blog this, I love I got 99 problems but my blog aint one! And blog of the year bad. Also feeling Blog till I die. Oh gorm! We go be changing t shirt whole day! But allyuh, we have to remember it have plenty blog out dey! We cyah just mention mine and Saucy own and forget the genius of:

Mani (meh BOY!)
Diva (Carnivaljumbie)

Not to mention the mad no ass character Dolli, the logical icahwait, the often absent but always interesting mas assasin. And we kyah fuhget babogyul in de house! And I know I forgetting some but ah sorry - is a sneak thing going on in the office here.

And I doh know what kind of legs Mani and Mas Assasin have but I eh too sure bootie shorts will be a good idea where they're concerned.

Natasha C said...

" Bloggers' Lime
Clothing optional"

Hottie: in response to your "Bloggers do it w/ their clothes on"

saucydiva said...

Well yes, I sitll have a mental block for ah slogan :S

My faves so far:
Blog for all and all for blog!!

Blogging on da Brain


CAUTION..Blog in Progress


"Bloggers do it for free"

I got 99 problems but my blog aint one!

Whatever logo we decide on I am looking to see if I can source those wrist bands, like the Lance Armstrong bands and get them printed. My brother in law to be is in that business (promotions) so I have ah lil hook up :D That way we can have somesort of ID on the road for Carnival.

GiJoe said...

Hey there Hottie,
I happened upon your blog and thought I'd drop two lines and return from now on ;)
- Just blog it (too obvious?)
- I blog with both hands

triniprimate said...

Blog, Blogger, Bloggist.

I created a friggin blog just to post this comment. Let my know what you think. From reading yours I can testify that I value your opinion.

tacariguagirl said...

( boss thinks I'm working)

Icahwait* said...

It have some real good stuff here, I eh know if you could ever choose. But I'll keep checking for your updates

caisoqueen said...

buh yuh could forget me girl! I have some more entries..

"My Blog-i-dad Island"

"Bloggin is de name of de game"

"Forge from de Blog of Liberty"

"Freedom of Speech..Freedom to Blog"

"I'm a Front-line Blog Ho"

"My Blog..My Rules"

"Blog Mamma-guisms"

Ok, ah done for now! And Hottie..yuh cyah forget Caisoqueen again eh...right...hehehe

Carnival Jumbie said...

I blog, therefore I am.
Et tu, Blogger??

Ok i now getting warmed up!I jump in late.
Hottie you will have to make a poll to vote on these lol!

Hottie Hottie said...


I like the My Blog my rules.

Triniprimate, I'm really feeling the Blog, Blogger, Bloggist especially considering my boderline obsession with the English language.

Diva, like we really is twins girl! I will have to do a poll oui! As soon as I figure out how...

Hottie Hottie said...

And gijoe, WELCOME! You too Triniprimate (!) But what de hell kinda name is dat boy!

Hottie Hottie said...

Wait, and tacariguegirl too! And Natasha C. Allyuh land of dis one like hot hops!

saucydiva said...

hottie the poll is very easy, u can use pollhost (link on my blog) and just put it in your template.

I love "MY BLOG..MY RULES"..that should be my tag line right dey!

Alexia said...

Alison & Machel - Roll It
check it out if u have'nt

ttfootball said...

ok i reach real late wit dis one but here's a couple ideas :-)

All Inclusive Blog

Trini Carnival:
Brass, Bacchanal & Bloggers

Hottie I would LOVE to meet u in a lime, I go be laughin right thru LOL

Hottie Hottie said...

LOL! Yuh home fuh carnival ttfootball?!

Bagogyul said...

these are awesome...pls do the poll hottie.

And again...i cyah wait for dat lime
will be touching down on d' allyuh do it after dat eh!

buublenut said...

bagogirl I reach the 14th too - bright and early with the sun :) The lime have to be after that - I can not wait to meet all of you.

So hottie/saucy any ideas as to where you are planning the lime?? Is it a day think. We should just all use our shirts and play J'Overt together and see how big our band is then try again next year lol

You see this post girl - it getting you more traffic then saucy at the moment I think :)

Hottie Hottie said...

Buubles, I feel that J'ouvert thing is a plan yuh know!!!!!! I feeling it! And doh worry, de lime go be late for all ah we who in foreign.

buublenut said...

Could you imagine the time we would all have :) but if we do that the booty shorts with BLOGG THIS are a must!!!

Hottie Hottie said...

Yeah. Mani go just hafta suck salt.

buublenut said...

whatever if he get to be around all of us in booty shorts the least he can do is wear a pair - otherwise there is always the no clothes option for he

caisoqueen said...

Yeah, well i up in dat lime....i comin in on de 15th of Feb...and I'm thrilled to meet my fellow blog brethen...hmmm which leads to my next entry:

"De Blog Family"

Xena (NJ) said...

Hotie, i luv yours "I rather be BLOGGING". I will be in on the 14th. Can I come to the lime too?

Natasha C said...

Thanks for the 'Welcome' Hottie:
"...And Natasha C. Allyuh land of dis one like hot hops!"
I've been reading yuh blog (and Saucy's) ah couple ah months now, but ah see fete/lime and had to put in mih two cents. (Sooo Trini-like ah know).
Ah reaching on the 10th and there for 2 weeks so anytime good w/ me.

Again, great idea!

sweettrini said...

Well ah know saucy and hottie invitin' me and meh crew to de lime!! I is ah blogger too yuh know, even if ah doh have meh own blog. I will bring the Labrinyth DVD jus for hottie and a BK Hershey pie for Saucy :) Jokes, nuh?? Ah reaching on the morning of the 14th just when the sun come up in sweet T&T so anytime after that is cool. Just not on Thursday during the day, ah going Maracas Estate fete, oh and not on Friday night, ah going Smile. And not on............

Karabana said...

De Blog Band... at J'Ouvert! Good idea!

saucydiva said...

But Karabana I don't do j'ourvert anymore, plus we at least need some music for on the road! Anybody know somebody who could hook we up to be a "special section" in a j'ouvert band? We doing we own T-Shirts and providing we own mud/paint LOL.

Seriously though, the lime has to be after Valentines, I think MOST people should be in Trini by then and by the looks of it like it might have to be Carnival Friday during the day or on Carnival have anything on then?

Thursday is Salybia and Beach House - out ah de question
Thursday night is Tribe and UWI Splash
Friday during the day - Nothing I know of happening yet.
Friday Night - Girl Power, V.I.P.
Saturday during the day is kiddies Carnival - plenty people does go dat
Saturday night- Insomnia,Dawn,Trini Posse, D Vale Breakfast Fete, etc.
Sunday- during the day FREE DAY (we could lime then?)
Sunday night- Country Club, Lara, Moka...
Monday - J'ouvert and Monday Mas
Tuesday - well is CARNIVAL!!!

Nicky said...

Doh forget poor lil ole me,,kids have me head hot so i wasn't frequenting the blogs like previous, now getting back into it. Include me in the lime,,i in trin from the 14th of Feb, leaving on the 25th. i'll sponsor the pelau!...Hey hottie who, how and where u voting on the blog t-shirt caption? I like "BLOG GONE WILD" and "WHO LET THE BLOGS OUT" and Karabana's "BLOG TIL I DIE" and "BLOG THIS",,,where the poll hottie?

Hottie Hottie said...

We eh fuhget yuh. I will do the poll tomorrow. Real pressure on dis side. Allyuh bear with meh.

Natasha C said...

Although it may be best for most, Sunday daytime doesn't work for me. My toddlers playing Kiddie's in South (Saturday in town). As usual allyuh town people forgetting we in de South. :)

Karabana said...

you wouldn't do J'Ouvert with our Big Bold Blog Band??

We'd wear our Band tee w Booty shorts, of course, drink Booze, & get on Bad!


kevian said...

I don't play jovert nah, I like the idea with the live strong bands. Or may a lime before carnival, may even a maracas cool down lime in addition.

caisoqueen said...

Aright...dis is my last entry eh Hottie...

"Ah Bloggin Dis and ah Bloggin Dat"

Hottie Hottie said...

I was thinking of a carnival lime mehself but a J'ouvert crew is a plan too. Caisoqueen, knock yuhself out girl!

law said...

Aye, aye, aye, wha lime! I up in dat!

This Blogger Is The Best.
Bloggers United
Trinis Like to Blog, Ent!

Getting a little rude here: This Blog Is The Biggest (arrow pointing down)

Bagogyul said...

Law...i like d' rude
i want that in ah baby tee!
for men arrows down for girls 2 arrows facing each other on their chest!

As for the lime, I think friday afternoon is cool. Everybody should have their costume collected by then and we can go and lime...

buublenut said...

Friday works but it all depends on costume collection day but bagogyul you know more on that then me. I was thinking of hitting a waterfall that day - really want take my girls for a hike.

Sunday afternoon would be wicked, that day I just plan on resting up and chilling before i go J'Overt

I going Kiddies Carnival on Saturday - I enjoyed myself this year. Wait till me have child I will be bringing my kid from foreign and teaching them all about mas :) imagine that LOL

Hottie Hottie said...

But Xena, yuh go ask if yuh could come?! Of course!!!!!!