Thursday, December 07, 2006

When technology attacks

I’ve just finished reading Cell by Stephen King. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a Stephen King novel – a few years really. I’ve never been a big fan of “popular” writing and the last few years I’ve been focussing on the classics. The last thing I’d read by him previously was his surprisingly good On Writing, which was, for a want of better words, a sort of manual outlining how he became a writer and guidelines for becoming a novelist oneself. It quickly became on of my favourite books – I’ve read it at least three times now.

Anyway, back to Cell. The novel is essentially based on the supposition that someone intentionally created a virus that can be transferred via cellular communication, which is somehow able to addle the human brain a bit and cause aggressive behaviour. It is supposed that it’s the work of some terrorist group but the reader – and the characters in the novel – never get a chance to find out for certain because the virus, or Pulse as it's called, is too strong and manages to wipe clean people’s brains, causing them to revert to their core natures. Which, apparently, is violence.

The people who received the calls – essentially everyone with a cell phone – start killing and attacking both each other and those who have not been affected. It’s chaos, with the majority of the population rendered inhuman by a single phone call, because, think about it, who doesn’t have a mobile? So this has me thinking. If that book were to come true, chances are very good that I would have been one of those who would have been wiped clean. I very rarely go anywhere without my cell. It’s a disturbing thought. And I’ve also been thinking that if other technology was to start “attacking”, what else would I most likely be affected by? I’m not heavily dependent on technology but certain things would get me. My mp3 player, yes. My mobile, definitely. The trains. Oh yes. The washing machine... errrr… not so much.

So tell me, if you were a character in Cell, would you have been one of those chewing on your best friend’s throat after you’d answered the phone? And if technology suddenly attacked, what devices would most likely affect/attack you?

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And no, that is not the virus. I thought it was a cool pic though.


saucydiva said...

Hmm, reminds me of 28 Days with the virus, glad to see Stephen King has a new book, my faves from him are the Talisman and Misery.

For sure if technology attacked I would be infected by my computer; I am alway online, even when I am not at home my p.c. is logged on to the internet.At work, well it is on the net all day as well, not that I have a choice, all the copmuters at work have internet connections and DSL too.

And the laptop (which belongs to the hubby)goes with us as well when we go out, in case we find a hot spot and I need to surf the net/check email.LOL. All I need now is a Blackberry so I can be online 24hrs a day !!!

My cell phone is purely functional, it does not even have a camera or anything fancy and I can live without it for a day.

And as for the house, well practically everything is electric in the kitchen that I can't live without ;oven, stove,can opener,bread maker,grill,rotissiere,smart stick (used for Callaloo and Dhal making)and microwave... I even have an electric pizza maker, electric bar b que and an electric rice cooker!!!!!!

Hottie Hottie said...

Well girl, if technology attacks your ass DARK!

saucydiva said...

Yuh know :S

I even have a rechargeable battery powered light in case electricity goes. Don't know where I out the candles LOL.

Carnival Jumbie said...

Hottie!! I not even reading the rest of your post cause I eh read the book yet so you should put a disclaimer saying that you going and buss the files lolol. The Cell is one of the few I have not read. My fav is The Stand. The Dark Tower series was pretty good up until you read how it ended.

Shandy said...

I saw the Cell in Target but didn't bother to buy it. Sounds good though I'm a big James Patterson fan and I always read his books.

I'm not much of a cell phone person but my iPod would sure get me. lol

caisoqueen said...

Hi Hottie,

Well I'm not a Stephen King fan, but your post has definitiely peeked my interest in this novel. I am a cell phone HO. I go everywhere with it. I guess because I don't have a home phone. But one day I went to work and forgot my cell phone at home and I almost went nuts! Hope your hand is feeling better :-)

Mani said...

Shandy, you like James Patterson? blech! lol. I struggled to get through the first one I read. I guess I like the movies that are made from the books, but not his books themselves.

If any kind of technology would attack me it would be my computer because I'm always on it. I'm probably one of the 3 people in Trinidad who doesn't own a cell phone so it won't be that (I hate that thing about being accessible to people 24 hrs a day).

no longer anon said...

mani I so agree with you there.
I only have a cell phone because my friend thought it was time I came into the 21st century and bought me one last Christmas.

I could do without most technology yes...all I really need is indoor plumbing!!!

katrice said...

My computer and cell phone would do me in. I'm always online and don't go anywhere without the phone.

katrice said...

I thought On Writing was good too.