Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fresh out a court clothes

Listen eh allyuh, I like meh lil bacchanal and ting like any odder Trini,
but lemme tell alyuh from now, allyuh see dem jackass email allyuh only sending me about who Machel wanted to fight carnival Tuesday in tong, doh send me dem ting eh. If allyuh have court clothes I glad fuh allyuh, but right now I kyah even pay five cents to see a ants wine so leff me out ah allyuh lakaray.

Imagine people only sending me email left, right and centre about some woman Machel wanted to beat in tong. And is just so dey dropping it yuh know. He wanted to beat de woman. Allyuh doh know the word “allegedly”? Eh? Look it up now. Go on. Look it up. What trouble is dis. Ah say look it up! And den, people have the nerve to add they own comment about how Machel does be cuffing he mother and kicking woman on St Vincent street.

Allyuh ever hear more assness? Like somebody interview Machel and he say he does cuff up he mudder? But allyuh mad! Allyuh kyah be making allegation so. Allyuh never hear bout lawsuit? And what woman on St Vincent street de man kick? What Trini woman it have go stand up and wait fuh Machel to kick she and eh mash up he ass with she high heel shoe?!

Look, allyuh making allyuh jail by allyuh self. Leff me outta dis one. Unless I see it with my own two eye I eh know nuttin. And by the way, the person who type up that “first hand account”, how de ass yuh coulda see Machel trying to beat de girl when de band was waiting to cross de stage? Yuh’s a ass or a marble? What stage? You bring yuh own stage?! I eh know what hole dese people does be crawling out of nah, but dey better crawl back in it.


Dre said...

I count 14 allyuh's.. I better speak to you privately about guest posting over on

i aint have no court clother neither so is allegedly..

Hottie Hottie said...

Ah like tuh say allyuh. Allyuh eh find is a nice word?!

Dre said...

the thing is its such a flexible word eh.. it can be conotated (sp.) in any way..

Hottie Hottie said...

Allyuh find?!

Heh heh heh heheh ee

Natasha C said...

"You bring yuh own stage?"
Hottie she "make a stage"

Hottie Hottie said...

Imagine that eh.