Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Woye Wooooye!!!!!

So those of you who thought Hottie Hottie had died a sudden and spectacular death – no. Sorry to disappoint you. I’m here, exams done, dissertation submitted and blood alcohol level consistently too high for the everyday drudgery that is work. ALLYUH AH DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I have to fill allyuh in on all de excitement. Ahmm, the midget lesbian that feel up meh ass on Old Years’ night, the new wuk; how the dissy went; the NEXT unstable, mad no ass, borderline sociopath housemate; ooo the housemate who kyah seem to understand that indoor toilet could flush; the hunt for a new apartment; the lesbian stripper that stole my heart – EEF allyuh see that bumcee. What else? Plenty man, plenty. So no internet at home (result of fight with money HONGREE housemate i.e. the sociopath) so have a lil patience with meh. So what have you guys been up to?


katrice said...

Hottie!! I almost moved you to a new blogroll called "Those Who USED To Keep Me Laughing." :-D

Sounds like you've been up to tons! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

As for me, we picked up and moved from Maryland to Dallas.

Missed ya!

Jumbie said...

All I get from this is dat your bumsee nice enuff dat a midget feel it up (you ever think maybe dat was as high as she could reach?) and you nearly (or maybe did) feel up one belonging to a stripper.

I think I saw one like that in London this weekend (de bumsee, not the stripper).

Welcome back.

Hottie Hottie said...

Lol. Well I write in time! So how yuh manage to move?

Jumbie, only you would go there. How things?

katrice said...

We have been wanting to move south for a long time and things finally fell into place. So far, so good.

The trickiest thing is learning to be close to family I've never lived close to before.