Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Masters and midgets (not pc I know)

Allyuh, thanks eh. Thanks. Ah blushing here. Well, half a that is the capillaries in meh face swelling from too much alco in the system but part of it is modesty too (kyah kyah, kyah). So allyuh, yes. Yuh girl get a distinction. After the rangotango with meh supervisor (who only understand meh topic after she change it (mudderass) and the computer crashing and the fool from Dell nearly wiping meh harddrive clean (including my dissy. I woulda beat dat). Is a good feeling, yes.

So now, what I going and do? Well, wukking full time now and it feels GOOD to have some money to meh name. Doh mind as it come it gone eh but still. Have some debts to pay off and need to save but the general plan is to head back Trini sometime in the next two years. Doh mind yuh girl feel like she could head back home now yes but doh make any sense to go with no money in hand and debt collectors at meh heels.

So I know allyuh want to hear about the midget. Well, yuh girl went to a lesbian club with she fren so the two ah we liming and ting, dancing normal. And no I’m not a lesbian but the club does play some boss music and perfect for when you want to go and dance without a setta man jumbieing yuh scene. So anyway, we dancing, sipping on we wine and ting when these two woman come up and start to dance close by. Now as Trini woman know, woman dancing with woman eh no scene back home or in a Trini fete. Woman does be jumping up and wining down together and when nighttime come they going home with they man cool cool. But I does keep forgetting that I not in Trini. And these women were not Trinidadians.

So one ah dem do a kinda technical manoeuvre and block off meh fren and she fren start to tackle me. But I realise I bigger than she and meh fren acting cool so we cool. We’s woman! We enjoying the music! We feteing man! Eh heh! My girl start to get on freaky! She all up on the Hotness. I eh trying to hurt nobody feelings but I know I eh swinging that way so I trying to step back. My girl push forward and rubbing up all over yuh girl – doh mind she only reaching up to meh breast – but that mustbe wasn’t a problem for she nah. While yuh girl trying to deal with this she GONE IN for the kill and start to squeeze up Hottie bamcee. Well that was in end of that. I eh want to hurt your feelings but you eh mind hurting up my bumcee. Not to mention my sense of shame. I doh know, I does attract dese people yes. Hmmm… what does that say about me?


Jumbie said...

To answer the last question - yuh hot??

Nandi23 said...

That was hilarious! I love the way you describe things!

ttfootball said...


katrice said...

I'm not familiar with lesbian etiquette, but I agree with Jumbie. You must be hot, is all!