Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Pennywise List

So my mom and aunt coming up to visit next month for four weeks (heaven help us) and she asked me to send her a list of things I want from Pennywise. All my friends who've seen the list ketching kicks so I thought I'd post it up (because you know I lazy no ass). And yes I know it's not strictly Pennywise stuff but you know what, is only a matter of time eh.

1. Sacha lipgloss: Tornado and Luscious something or the other. Nothing bright!
2. Hair pins and clips: Short ones. Make sure the tips have plastic bulbs so as not to gorge out scalp.
3. One Sacha eyeliner, black. Only Sacha eh, nothing else. (Optional as I have eyeliner, just not Sacha).
4. One box CLEANSE SMART. If you can only bring one thing on list, make this it!
5. Worm medicine. Yes, I think I have worms. Leave me alone.
6. Dinky clips. The silver ones nah. Just a small pack will suffice.
7. Black woggies. The medium size ones. Make sure they’re black eh, not the half dead greyish, nylon ones Pennywise does be selling sometimes.
8. Pond’s Clarant B. Check expiry date since Pennywise hit me a 6 for a 9 last time and sell me some that expired in a couple of months.
9. Colgate Whitening Toothpaste. About 3, 4 tubes. I don’t know why these people up here don’t realise they have a tooth problem and start making some decent whitening toothpaste.
10. Three Coconut Bake. Big
11. The tuna pastelles you made the last time. YUMMY!
12. Aunty seasoning. Big bottle.
13. Pepper sauce from the old lady who was tracking R.
14. Kellogg’s Corn Pops:
Two, preferably three boxes I not joking. NOBODY sells it up here. Could remove from box to fit in suitcase.
15. Vicco tumeric face cream. One tube.
16. Rough tops cookies.
17. Big Silver Hoops. One pair. Ar could probably get those. Big eh. Skeggy but not Jamette size.
18. Ooooh! Ibuprofen 800. Ask pharmacist if I could take two at a time. The strongest thing up here is 400 and you need to buy that from the pharmacy direct. Steups.
19. Some soca CDs.
20. Roti skin.

If you could think of anything else I might need, help me out. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

OMG this is too funny!! My sister-in-law is coming and I whipped up my Pennywise list too. My bro was here the other day so I already have most of the stuff. My best friend, mom and sister know the list by heart.
It starts with Pond's Clarant B...yes check the expiry cause I have 6 bottles that have expired already. I'm contemplating mixing them into something else because I refuse to throw them away.
Kajal eyeliner is on the list along with numerous sacha cosmetics, hair gel, carrot oil and arist nail polish!!

Hottie Hottie said...

LOL! I mash up the Arista counter last time I went back. Is Kajal good? Girl, I still using the Clarant B. It kyah do meh nuttin.

Wuzdescene said...

LOL that list is very funny .... anyway .... glad tuh see yuh didn't have crap like .... KFC or baby wipes or salt prune or pepper mango or cheese or Diana power mints ....

PS: didn't just pull those out of a hat .... they were ACTUAL requests :-)

Karel said...

Do worms ha meh laughin. Lol. And d part bout the earrings, every time I go to buy big, silver hoops I remember you, cuz you know that was a trademark.

And yes you can take two of the 800. Dr Mc Intosh say so!

Hottie Hottie said...

SHIT! Ah fuhget the salt prune! Tanks man!!!!

Karel girl, what ah go say. Yuh know meh.

Jumbie said...

Yuh forget Hong Wing coffee and Crix ah what?

Most of the stuff you want is available in Birmingham, on Soho Rd, including Carib, Crix, Malta, Vicco, Rough Tops, Colgate Whitening (£2.09), Ponds (got this in Body Shop), hair pins etc. Yuh on yuh own with the Sacha...

I asked for plants so meh mammy bring up plant cuttings... now I have meh own fever grass, podeina, shadow beni etc growing .

Anonymous said...

oh gosh girl..ah fren ah mine gone down and de IBUPROFEN 800 on my list....

and de Sacha cosmetics....

and i could show u where in Brixton and up in Tottenham to get rough tops, chadon beni, etc..etc...

and ah have ah bag of pure salt prunes...

SmokyEyes said...

Each time I visit Trinidad I mash up the Sacha counter. You don't want to know the amount of stuff I brought back. Yeah, I'm sure you do. I've been meaning to put up a blog post on it and I'll probably do that tonight. Complete with pics of course! LOL

Three places I must visit in Trinidad...Hi-lo (or X-tra foods) for my Trini snacks, Pennywise for my Sacha and Radical designs for my cute tops.

wahab said...
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