Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Machel said it best – in a song whose horn section is enough to start me wiggling in my seat like a child with worms. “Tell the boss you want a (BREAK) and you need it now.” I do! I do! Indeed I do!

“Working hard, everyday,
Hustling, just for pay”

I have £90 waiting impatiently to leave my hands and enter the coffers of some masmaker. This is why I don’t understand Island People. Pulse 8 still hasn’t responded to my queries but they have been posting information on their website – even though it isn’t completely up as yet. Island People’s camp? That tighter than crapaud bamcee. Nothing going in, nothing coming out.

Rumours abound regarding registration. It’s like an Area 51 has opened up right on the Avenue. Even if they haven’t decided as yet when it will be, they should come out and say so. This is not weapons of mass destruction allyuh making. Is COSTUMES! Who bringing out this band? Saddam?! They must expect that potential masqueraders will want to be kept abreast of developments that have taken place after the launch. Since no information has been forthcoming, is it then safe to assume that there have been NO new developments? At least get the website up so that people can get a better idea of which costumes they’re playing in. What do they think this is, another CAUTION fete where people will pass on their money and happily wait for the day of the event with no clue as to what’s going on or even where and just wait for information to be passed on to them eventually?

“Days go by,
Nothing’s changed,
Tell me why – it’s so strange!”


saucydiva said...

when you are the IT band you can treat yuh masqueraders like shIT and they will still begging to lap it up.

Prettidolli said...

Morning Hottie,


Well, with dem having folks waiting over 2 hrs at de launch sans explanation, cussing dong, bad behavior, arrests, and ting it looking like:

One bruddah getting on like Saddam.
De oddah one like Osama...

Allyuh nah see dem have dey "Raiders" section, ent? De girl Hottie post up Saddam photograph..LOLOLOLLLLLLLLL!

De song say:
Earthquake, building shake...
Play de music in de Taliban cave,
Bin Laden he go jump and wave...

Anonymous said...

Let them lap it up. I B in trIBe!

Shandy said...

There's an old saying that applies. This IT band is putting shite in people mouths telling them it's butter and the peeps are eating it saying "mmm, it's good." LOL

Hottie Hottie said...

"One bruddah getting on like Saddam.
De oddah one like Osama..."

Prettidolli, you eh easy nah. And he get arrested same way... At he OWN party to boot!

Hottie Hottie said...

Shandy - OH GEEEEEEDDD!!!!!!!!!! Lol!

Shandy said...

I heard the elders in my family say it all the time. LOL

Prettidolli said...


Yuh just give meh an idea fuh meh next venture:

Carnival Lack o' Communication Corn Soup! Just like Campbell's it does be mmm mmm GOOD! Ah go serve it right outside of 11 Stone St tuh de rear ah de bins dat store up de remnants ah de trees, fairy dust, and butterflies from de so called "enchanted forest". De flipping woods dem was so fixed wid Carnival obeah/magic/fockery folks had to pretend dey was wearing dey full Carnival outfit..Steups.

BTW, Shandy meh lil' nephew ran up to me to pop in he lil' Heffalumps DVD in de player fuh he. Ah did bawllllll wid laff so hard and de poor chile did steady watching me and asking, "Auntie, is what happen tuh yuh?" KYARKYARKARRR. Tears all up in meh eyes oui!

Hottie Hottie said...

Lack O' Comunication Corn Soup. The sad thing is, nobody go know where to find yuh cuz no body willbe able to COMMUNICATE your location! Nuttin like rancid corn soup to make your carnival exciting!

Prettidolli said...

Nevah mind dey cyan find meh, meh soup still go sell plenty! It eh go be rancid wid alll ah dese longbelly Trinis about de place.

BTW, I hope I eh see any fake camels in those bins either.....Some arse actually thought they were real. Steups.

But is how Saddam send yuh an invite eh?

Hottie Hottie said...

'BTW, I hope I eh see any fake camels in those bins either.....Some arse actually thought they were real. Steups.'

LOL!!!!!!!!!! Yuh might hadda make a lil Camel soup! But which ass thought them camel was real?! Them camel hadda have gone through some serious hard times to come out looking so. They did make a ten days!

Girl, I kyah give yuh de story a me and Saddam. De Taliban watching... yuh fuhget Bin Laden is he brudder?