Thursday, September 07, 2006


I like Oasis too but I can always play in a blue costume. When next I getting a chance to play in cowrie shell? That costume is a real original. It reminds me of those old time carnival costumes. And I don't think I even bothering with The Dream Team. I mean, what kind of unimaginative name is Dream Team? After a fabulous name like Poison you will name yourself after a basketball side? And the name of the presentation is Rhythm Nation. What is this, a DJ band? What are the names of the sections – Papa Rocky, Ear Traffic Control, Jugglers? I mean, come nah man. Mind you, I will feel real shame if, when the band launches, their costumes real hot and I want to play with them eh! But dai eh nuttin. It eh have no such thing as shame in Carnival. Especially if is me.

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