Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Pulse Weak

Awrite. Now since Monday I write Pulse 8 arksing them for info about the site and their costume. Up to now – no response. I DO NOT take this to be a good sign. Also, I just found out that Breakaway bringing out Nubian. The last time I played mas was with them and they did a FABULOUS job – even though the food truck did give a lil trouble and the hops and cheese on Monday more than give trouble. But they were well organised, the costumes were beautiful and well made and they treated their masqueraders with respect. What more yuh want?! Well, the fellas in the band was giving a lil trouble, in that they were hardly any, but I imagine that eh go be the case this rounds as the male costume nice too. Folks, I about 60% there. Which is plenty. The girls giving a lil trouble though.

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