Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bring the Goddess Home

People, good day. De net still down by me – I feel NTL waiting for me to fly in they head office and fling the modem behind them. But in this country, they might think I’s a terrorist and blow off meh hand before I even reach inside the bag to pull it out. Real gunslinger styling. So – this may be a bit premature – but I think I have decided. I think, Carnival 2007, February 19th and 20th, I will be parading the streets of Port of Spain clad in this. The one with the fantastic headpiece. Yes. It took me a while to decide – and I may still change my mind – but this looks like is it. I seeing it now. The boots on the foot, the braids in meh hair, the man on meh backside. I know what you’re thinking,, “What man could possibly tief a wine behind that huge headpiece?” Well, I think you’re doing Trini men a great disservice. For when it come to getting to hold on to a woman and throwing waist, well, nothing deters the hot blooded Trini man. AND, the bonus is, although the headpiece is large, it is mostly feathers, so there’s no risk of permanent or even temporary damage. From the costume that is. From me, well, I kyah make dat promise at all. So. Let me know what you think. And I will soon be giving you account details so you can start donating to the “Bring the Goddess home for Carnival” fund.


Mani said...

Oh gosh gyul, I eh sure if yuh want to gouge out man eye or if you want to saw them in half.

Hottie Hottie said...

Manicou, anywhey I see you in tong and yuh want a wine we go fix up. Dey eh stapling the headpiece on yuh know. I could take it off and bruk down. It least it streamline - i play mas in some headpiece arready - wind pick meh up and blow me halfway down Charlotte Street before I could hold on to a lamp post. Of course, once I was there, I take a lil wine... Wait, so you trying to tell me you cyah buss a wine behind that?!