Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Something sweet - but not to eat!

For those of you who have begun your Carnival dieting regime, a bit of something sweet this Wednesday morning. Okay, now that’s enough. Hey, what the hell are you doing to the monitor? What the… ewwwwww!!!!!!!!!

Just to let you know, this is what he wore when I took him home to meet my mom. That was when we decided to break the news that I was pregnant with his love triplets and we were getting married under the bamboo – Hindu wedding for those of you that don’t know. Sigh… eye candy. It’s so fulfilling without even adding an inch to your hips.

Speaking of which, part of my dastardly plan to have men holding their heads and bawling in the streets of Port of Pain come Carnival Monday and Tuesday from the sheer intensity of my sexiness includes me putting on a bit of weight. I’m really lucky in the fact that the first place I lose weight is my breasts and the first place I gain is my stomach.

So, anybody with ideas as to how I can reverse this trend, please forward them. Your reward, if you are a straight man or a lesbian, will be to receive a photo of me in all my modified glory. If you don’t fall in either category, well, you will get a thanks. The net is still down by me, btw, which makes for some lacklustre posting. But, don’t worry, I will explode in climaxic glory when it’s up and running again. Let me go and do the people work yes. Over and out.

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