Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Nubian/Mirage/Sahara Jumbie info

A number of you have been asking me for info regarding registration for Nubs, Jumbie and Mirage so I've forwarded an email I received. The person bringing out the section is Krystal and her number is 1-868-682-1245.

I have only good things to say about them, based on not just personal experience but others who played with them. I not playing with them 'cause of IP and their nonsense but good luck.

P.S. To show allyuh how things supposed to be done, not only have I been receiving regular emails from them regarding registration, but when I told them my group decided to go with Tribe they were very nice and say they understood. THAT is service!

Registration Info

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! SIGNING UP FOR CARNIVAL 2007.Now don't all scream at me at's not my doing, but there will not be online registration againthis year.....I won't go into all the details as to why, but as my person friends I'm affording u the opportunity to sign up through me.Let me make this clear....THIS DOESN'T MEAN THAT ANYTHING IS GUARANTEED!!!I just know how it is for u guys living in foreign and would like to help out the situation.(GOD HELP ME!)Ok, so my section this year is NUBIANS ....Yes, yes....the trini section (red, white & black). But I also designed SAHARA JUMBEE & MIRAGE.So anybody wanting to register ( regardless of the section)....this is the information that i need from each person, so i can completely & correctly fill out u'r registration cards:-NameAddressPhone # ( work, home, cell)Email addressMALESECTION NAMEChest/T-shirt size (e.g. SM/MED/LG/XL)Belt size (in inches e.g. 34")Pants size (e.g. SM/MED/LG/XL)FEMALESECTION NAMEFRONTLINE OR REGULARBra size (e.g. 34B, 36C)Belt Size ( in inches e.g. 34" - this is the measurement where u would like to wear u'r costume belt. NOT U'R WAIST MEASUREMENT)Panty size ( e.g. SM/MED/LG/XL)Regarding payment......the deposit this year is $1,000 TTD. The fastest way to have monies sent is western union. This can also be done online. Also , u can call me to see if i'll be in u'r neck of the woods, cause i may be able to collect the $$ directly form u....Registration should be starting next Monday, which is the 18th ( my wedding anniversary :0)) so I suggest that $$ and information be sent me by this weekend.anymore me......take care guys and contact me soon868-682-1245(cell)


warrior like me said...

totally off topic hottie, but is that really a calendar for next year?
I just find it cool my favourite section in IP this year is my birth month. Nubians - June

Yeah Baby!!

Hottie Hottie said...

Yeah warrior, dais a calender for next year. I thought it was a great idea - doh mind I woulda hang it up from all now. Nubians is gorgeous!

Shandy said...

The more I look at Nubians the more I like it. Too bad the person who is doing this section is stuck with such an unorganized entity. I've heard nothing but good things about her and her costumes are always well made and lovely. Good luck to her and her masqueraders. It seems like she is doing everything she can to make the registration process as painless as possible.

Hottie Hottie said...

Yup. Which just goes to show eh. She in the business a while now so she know what she doing. Who you playing with again?

saucydiva said...

aye is a small desk calender, nothing to hang up......when I went to the mas camp they run out or else I would save one for you Hottie! When next I go back I will take up a few (if they will let me)

Hottie Hottie said...

Saucy baby, if yuh wasn't married arready I woulda dance at yuh wedding! Dat would be lovalee! And anything Tribe giving way I want too. Please.