Monday, September 18, 2006

They taking hair

Awrite. Ah ketch mehself dey – ah ready fuh allyuh. I have meh Xtatik Experience playing in meh ears (to block out the noise from the man in the next cubicle eating a bag a crisps and crunching down the place like is he last meal. That man does make EVERYTHING he eat crunch. Allyuh ever hear tuna crunch?! Well, he does make it crunch – CRAXS! CRIXS!). I have plenty to say, so lemme start.

The mudder neck internet by me giving trouble still. I doh know what to do again that won’t lead to arrest. But allyuh kyah help with that so I will end that talk dey. Just keeping allyuh up to date nah.

Well Island People full of shit! And WHOEVER want to email me and tell me how I prejudice and badtalking them could do so lemme take a turn in dey ass. Because money talks and bullshit walks as they say and if that is so, then people money eh saying nuttin to IP and it have plenty bullshit walking around that mas camp. Imagine up to now the website eh up, there’s been no official word regarding price (except for Nubian) which I will list below.

And, even though registration is supposed to officially start today, I know a few people well who have registered since last week and some sections almost full after last week’s drama. I not even mentioning the “Drop it like it’s Hawt” registration on Friday. And on top of that they expect foreign masqueraders to pay full price, which I can’t understand because nobody know what the price is so who can we pay full price? And unless they plan on taking hair, where they expect people to come up with TT£3000 plus just so. Like people money have no value! Dem acting like they giving costume away for free! But, that eh my problem because from early I did say tuh rass with them and I in with Tribe. I mean, Carnival is Bacchanal is true but I prefer for my bacchanal to be about 6 ft 4, 220lbs, a sexy honey colour with a wicked tongue and a waist that should be declared a lethal weapon. Look the Nubian info for whoever interested, together with an email they sent me and a contact number.

MALE $2,495 TTD

Now don't all scream at me at's not my doing, but there will not be online registration againthis year.....I won't go into all the details as to why, but as my person friends I'm affording u the opportunity to sign up through me.
I just know how it is for u guys living in foreign and would like to help out the situation.(GOD HELP ME!)
Ok, so my section this year is NUBIANS ....Yes, yes....the trini section (red, white & black). But I also designed SAHARA JUMBEE & MIRAGE.
So anybody wanting to register ( regardless of the section)....this is the information that i need from each person, so i can completely & correctly fill out u'r registration cards:-
Phone # ( work, home, cell)
Email address

Chest/T-shirt size (e.g. SM/MED/LG/XL)
Belt size (in inches e.g. 34")
Pants size (e.g. SM/MED/LG/XL)

Bra size (e.g. 34B, 36C)
Belt Size ( in inches e.g. 34" - this is the measurement where u would like to wear u'r costume belt. NOT U'R WAIST MEASUREMENT)
Panty size ( e.g. SM/MED/LG/XL)
Regarding payment......the deposit this year is $1,000 TTD. The fastest way to have monies sent is western union. This can also be done online. Also , u can call me to see if i'll be in u'r neck of the woods, cause i may be able to collect the $$ directly form u....
Registration should be starting next Monday, which is the 18th ( my wedding anniversary :0)) so I suggest that $$ and information be sent me by this weekend.
anymore me......take care guys and contact me soon


saucydiva said...

I know who sent you that email because her wedding rehersal and mine were the SAME day at the SAME church. My wedding anniversary is Sunday :P.


Hottie Hottie said...

AWWWWWWWW..... What yuh doing to celebrate? Or de gift was the downpayment for your costume? I woulda take that and be happy!

saucydiva said...

steups, that as a gift? (doh mind he did give me most of the d.p money) I dunno what he doing yet, I want to go on a TRIP!!

I do find that the person who tried to help you in IP went above and beyond to help people out. I commend her on that.
At least there are still people in IP who not moving like others. If she brings a band for 2008 I think she will be quite succesful.Espeically since her sections are always well made and very pretty.

Hottie Hottie said...

If yuh wanyed a trip yuh should be playing with IP! DAT is a trip! Yes, I think she should bring out her own band - she could start out small and expand as time goes by. She's bringing out three sections this year and he ostumes are always among the hottest in whatever band she's in. She well organised and very professional. And I really appreciated how she's trying to help out her potential masqueraders, despite the fact that her hands are tied with IP admin/management. If it wasn't for my disgust with the band itself, she definitely would get my money becasue Nubes hot fuh days!!!

Shandy said...

I like Nubes too. I'm glad that she showed the people she is professional and care about the people giving her thier money. And I agree that her hands are tied with IPM Management and such. Well, I have said all I can say on the subject of IPM and I'm just too tired to think of anything clever. LOL More power to them oui.

Hottie Hottie said...

Girl. Thank God she have she reputation from before so she people will follow her despite IP and they nonsense. I like you girl, I tired talk bout them. So who you playing with?

Prettidolli said...

And WHOEVER want to email me and tell me how I prejudice and badtalking them could do so lemme take a turn in dey ass.


As for the above mentioned individual, SHE IS A STAR AND IS THE "P-R-I-D-E" (pun intended) of IP. She is truly a class act. I witnessed her at the IP headquarters last year helping, pinning, fitting, and assisting everyone and anyone that required help. NOT JUST THE FOLKS IN HER SECTION!!! She is magnificent! I tell yuh what C.A.: If u bringing a band, I go moggle fuh yuh fuh FREE!

BTW, Shandy I sorry yuh did get left pon de runway @ JFK wid meh Sno Cone Cyart. I know, I know, I was supposed to push and u ring de bell....I had 2 hustle and mek a quick move to TNT. I wanted to move 1,000 units of de Mix CD, but by de time I got there I only pushed 600. :(

Ah well, there's always the Carnival Saturday Bacchanal Mix CD. Cuz' there's SURE to be plenty o' dat! Yuh done know......Dolli out.

Hottie Hottie said...

Well de Dolli reach! MORNI....errr... afternoon. Dolli, who you and Shandy playing with (IP?! LOL I trying to cause a lil scandal) What section in Tribe?

Prettidolli said...

Af'noon gyul,

TRIBE? Is more like Harts.... But it nice dat all meh singing and mamaguying to Dean since 2k4 paid off b/c he bring back dat wickkkked Indian mas for de people again! It NEVER gets ole and TRIBE does it best! In de Trini colours tuh boot too? Woiiiiiiiiiiiiii!


Soca Warriors Fan of de Match!
Fan of de Match!
Fan of de Match!!!

Allyuh know he's me lil' sweet man eh? LOLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Just kidding, allyuh doh go madd!

Anonymous said...

hey does she have an email where i can get in touch with her??

if u can ...can u send it to me at